Old Circumforaneous Blog

Here are all my previous blogs, mostly covering our caravanning around New Zealand and Australia and some post-caravanning adventures. The first 3 have been transferred to a new Blog heading. So have some family history stories. If I can work out how to delete these I will do so!

  • 52 Ancestors … Week 22

    Topic: At the Cemetery. When I first saw my Great Grandfather Frederick Wentworth Wade’s grave in the beautiful old St. Johns Cemetery in Invercargill NZ, it had several well-weathered blocks of marble inscribed with his name and dates 1838-1912, his … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors – Week 21.

    The topic for this week is BRICK WALL I have one mysterious ancestor, my GGGF Thomas Darchy, born February 1820 in Augsburg Bavaria. Thomas Darchy, a wealthy young man aged 19 with mysterious antecedents, arrived unaccompanied in Adelaide, Australia in … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors – Week 20.

    The theme is ; BEARDED. All the ancestral male portraits which I have show bearded gentlemen. One favourite is my Great Grandfather Alexander Johnston (1829 – 1906). How I acquired his portrait is a story in itself. When I first … Continue reading → Read more

  • Tinopai to Tauranga

    We are stuck in Tauranga. We were all ready to move out, caravan packed, ute hitched up, then on a last inspection around the caravan Dave noticed that one of the springs was not where it should be, safely tucked … Continue reading → Read more

  • Russell to Tinopai

    The weather gods are still frowning on us, it seems. We left Russell in reasonable weather but with huge storms forecast for the far north east coast, so reluctantly abandoned all plans for a stay at a camp right on … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors …. Week 19.

    the topic for this week is … BALD. According to various internet sources, “… bald men were consistently rated as more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well educated, high social status, honest and helpful.”… My father’s family seem to have escaped the … Continue reading → Read more