This website, which started out as travel blog, now includes a collection of stories about my ancestors and stories from my own experiences. A veritable hodgepodge*.  It will be added to from time to time. At the moment I am still wrestling with the formatting – not everything appears where it should be! (*Hodgepodge – a name given by Eleanor Hunt to the wonderful Hunt family tree hand-drawn by Laurel Austin (1922-2000) which was one of the initial starting points for me on my genealogical adventures).

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is my new weekly blog. I am taking part in an international challenge to write about a different set topic each week. Wide latitude is allowed in the interpretation of the topic’s name!

The Circumforaneous Gibbs is a travel blog covering the four years 2013-2017 during which my husband Dave and I traversed the length and breadth of this beautiful land of New Zealand where we have our home plus the eastern part of the land of my birth, Australia. I will continue to add travel stories from time to time.

The Darchy Chronicles is an accompanying blog focussing on Australian places we visited which were associated with my mother’s Darchy family. It contains some family history.  https://darchyblog.wordpress.com

The Family History sections includes stories from my families plus my first husband’s family. I hope to add many more stories in due course.

My Maternal Line: Darchy, Hunt, Morgan, Byrne, Prendergast.

My Paternal Line: Johnston, Lyle, Cochrane, Wade, Gibbons

Geoff Hoffmann’s line: Hoffmann, Darragh, Berger, Attrill, Brown, Gardner, Purvis.

The Sailing section is about some sailing boats which have featured in my life, notably the ‘Cornelius’ on which I lived for ten years and circumnavigated Australia.

The Animals section is, predictably, about animals which I have known.