Old Circumforaneous Blog

Here are all my previous blogs, mostly covering our caravanning around New Zealand and Australia and some post-caravanning adventures. The first 3 have been transferred to a new Blog heading. So have some family history stories. If I can work out how to delete these I will do so!

  • The Circumforaneous Gibbs resurrected.

    (Although this blog is now mostly about my family history, in addition I am also going to use it for our travels for the next 2 months. It does not seem worthwhile to set up a completely separate blog for … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors … Week 15.

    The theme for this week is Solitude. A recurring theme in my mother’s father’s family. My great grandfather Francis (Frank) Darchy was born in 1854 on an Australian outback sheep and cattle station to a wealthy grazing family. Together with … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors …. Week 14 (Apr. 2-8)

    This week’s theme: Begins With a Vowel. I’ve chosen two A’s, with links to an I. My paternal Great Grandmother Adela Campbell Scott Macloskey was born in 1848 in Greenock, Scotland, the last-but-one of 14 children of John Macloskey and … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors …. Week 13.

    This week’s theme is Light A Candle. Light a candle in memory of …. whom? Just about any and all my ancestors … No, no, that would be rather too many (!) So I chose to interpret the theme as … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks – Week 12.

    Theme for this week: Membership. My first foray into genealogical research in the 1990s was at a local Family History society where I was amazed at the number of old records still existing (or so I thought), but when computers … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors ….. Week 11.

    The theme for this week is LUCKY. My Great Uncle George Johnston 1855-1885 was born in Launceston, Tasmania a few weeks after his Glasgow-born emigrant parents arrived on the “Storm Cloud” in 1855 after a voyage of 71 days through … Continue reading → Read more