Old Circumforaneous Blog

Here are all my previous blogs, mostly covering our caravanning around New Zealand and Australia and some post-caravanning adventures. The first 3 have been transferred to a new Blog heading. So have some family history stories. If I can work out how to delete these I will do so!

  • Auckland & Environs to Russell

    This will be a catch-up blog – it’s now over 2 weeks later. Amazing how time flies … We stayed at Ardmore, just south of Auckland, for five days. I was still feeling the effects of the food poisoning/gastro and … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors … Week 18

    The topic for this week is Pets. I do not know if my grandparents ever had a dog, I suspect not, but my parents definitely did early in their marriage, according to a photo. But I have no memory of … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors – Week 17.

    The theme for this week is … DNA. As a retired medical research scientist I was excited when DNA arrived on the genealogical scene. But I soon realised that my early knowledge was seriously outdated – here was a whole … Continue reading → Read more

  • The Forgotten World Highway

    After being museumed out at Hawera and a welcome early night it was off for Taumarunui via the Forgotten World Highway (FWH), a narrow twisty wonderland said to be one of the most scenic drives in the world – and … Continue reading → Read more

  • After the Air show – and a Special Museum

    (A continuation of our travel blog) The ferry crossing (south to north island of New Zealand) was without incident, loading and departure on time, a calm sea and a ferry only half filled with people although chock full of vehicles. Rather … Continue reading → Read more

  • 52 Ancestors … Week 16.

    Theme: “Should be a movie!” My Irish Great Grandmother Margaret Prendergast led a very full life and at times a very hard one. The story of her life would surely make a wonderful movie, starting with a long ship voyage, … Continue reading → Read more