Old Circumforaneous Blog

Here are all my previous blogs, mostly covering our caravanning around New Zealand and Australia and some post-caravanning adventures. The first 3 have been transferred to a new Blog heading. So have some family history stories. If I can work out how to delete these I will do so!

  • A little Post-Covid Lockdown Adventure

    We offered to drive our now former neighbour Barbara’s eV, a Nissan Leaf similar to but a later model than ours, up to Tauranga while she drove her motorhome. With Covid restrictions now eased in New Zealand, and Tiki the … Continue reading Read more

  • Another family history book published

    ‘Cochrane and Lyle – Scotland to Tasmania’ has now been published via Blurb. It covers my paternal grandfather’s line descended from Thomas Cochrane and Ann Kerr of Paisley, Scotland, who married on 16 April 1756. Several of their descendants settled … Continue reading Read more

  • Another book

    I have not posted any blogs for some time but am keeping this going in the hope that we will once again be able to do some travelling when the Covid situation has sort of settled down (insofar as it … Continue reading Read more

  • I’ve Published a Book….

    Based on my diaries and profusely illustrated with slides. 151 pages. Read more

  • Three Matrons in the Family

    There were three nursing matrons in my related families, of different generations and widely different experiences. None married. They were: 1. Elizabeth HUNT  born 1820 in Pendock, Worcestershire and died in 1893 in Sydney, NSW. 2. Adela WADE born 1868 … Continue reading Read more

  • Adela Wade – a School Matron

    Adela, the second eldest daughter of Frederick Wentworth Wade and Adela Macloskey, was born in Invercargill in 1868. She never married. Like her elder sister Annie Theresa she may have been taught at home initially, but then went to Southland … Continue reading Read more