124. The Snowy Mountains – Corryong

We had a fairly uneventful trip on the Snowy Mountains Highway from Beechworth to Corryong, skirting a lone tree hill and catching glimpses of the upper reaches of Lake Hume with its drowned trees near Tallangatta. I wish now we had detoured for a closer inspection.




Along the way we stopped at the Old Tallangatta lookout. The whole town was moved in 1956. Part of the old Wodonga-Cudgewa Railway which was an important part of the construction of Lake Hume and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme runs close by the viewing point and has been turned into a high country real trail, “counted among the most iconic trails in Australia”.



We arrived in Corryong late afternoon and just had time to set up camp before the sunset disappeared. I love that time of day with the sunlight sliding through the trees.


Next morning we spent some time inspecting the town. Autumn colours were everywhere. A monument commemorated a rather long-distance swim  ….




Corryong is “The Man From Snowy River” country and the local Museum certainly reflects that, but it had so much more besides. Did you know the hidden secret of the Australian Ten Dollar note?



it’s actually quite a large museum, I wandered round the main building then back to the front desk and said “I can’t find my husband” and the lady said “Oh he’s probably out the back” … I hadn’t realised the main building was just the beginning. There were many more buildings there, full of local history. It took most of the morning to explore.

IMG_8130 There were several intriguing exhibits including an early ice chest – has anyone heard of an “icy ball”?


I also spotted some tubes of Hansen’s Junket Tablets. When  did they disappear?



A very early phonograph also captured my attention.


One of the more unusual exhibits was a huge rug made in a WW2 prison camp. The photos tell the story.



There was also a wonderful dressing gown made by the same man. Awesome.



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