52 Ancestors …. Week 19.

the topic for this week is … BALD.

According to various internet sources, “… bald men were consistently rated as more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well educated, high social status, honest and helpful.”…

My father’s family seem to have escaped the baldness gene(s), at least according to all available photos. My father retained a full head of hair, as did his father and also my brother and my nephew. On my mother’s side the picture is not so clear; Great great grandfather Thomas Darchy retained his hair although I am not certain about some of his sons; and Great Grandfather Thomas Hunt had plenty of white hair (and beard); and as far as I can determine all his sons plus Grandmother Hunt, the youngest of nine, did not carry the gene.

Amazingly the same happened in both my husbands’ families. He was told at a young age “I promise you you’ll never go bald” …

I’d like to include photos but I’m currently away from home.

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