52 Ancestors …. Week 3.

Theme for this week: Out of Place

Herbert William Hunt (1913 – 1937), always known as “Wibb”, was my Grandmother Lily Hunt’s uncle (genealogically speaking my 1st cousin once removed). He was born in country Wedderburn, NSW to Bank manager Edwin Herbert Hunt and his wife Lillian Josephine Harrison, the seventh of eight children all but one of whom survived to adulthood.

All Wibb’s brothers became Accountants and/or Managers but he was musically gifted and wanted to devote his life to music. He was said to have been able to attend a concert then return home and play the music he had heard from memory. But family circumstances forced him to work in his father’s Bank, which he hated.

According to family lore he died of a broken heart – he was so miserable not being able to devote all his time to music. Officially he died of septicaemia following a throat infection and/or pheumonia.

His sole sister Mary was also musically inclined, but as a female she was ” not important and not considered Bank material (!).

1 thought on “52 Ancestors …. Week 3.

  1. I inherited Wib’s wrist watch, which I keep for special occasions. It has a square gold case and white, circular dial. The numerals are Roman and black, except for the 12, which is blue. Most unusual.

    The family was long drawn out and Oliver’s claim was that it was never under the one roof at the same time. There is, however, a photo which disproves that. The oldest members had, however, left home before the youngest ones were born.

    Oliver accompanied Wib to a piano recital in the Sydney Town hall and was surprised that Wib insisted on a seat in a side gallery. It was so that he could watch the pianist’s pedalling.

    No further thoughts.

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