197. Trains!!

Dave: We were cruising back to Moss Vale when Nancy happened to mention there was a railway museum at Thirlmere marked on the map. We decided to investigate the next day so we drove 40 K and arrived just in time to get a ride on the steam train. 20 minutes up from the museum station, change the engine around and 20 minutes back to the museum. Coal smoke, cinders, steam whistle. Bliss.

Thilmere Railway museum18Thilmere Railway museum01Thilmere Railway museum02

Version 2

Actually this was a Dave Gibb Photo…   using Nancy’s camera!!

Thilmere Railway museum08

Thilmere Railway museum24

The ticket collector was loving his job!!

Thilmere Railway museum09Thilmere Railway museum10Thilmere Railway museum11Thilmere Railway museum12

A brief halt while the engine was changed around.

Thilmere Railway museum14Thilmere Railway museum15Thilmere Railway museum16Thilmere Railway museum17Thilmere Railway museum19

Trainspotters (starting them young).

Thilmere Railway museum20Thilmere Railway museum21Thilmere Railway museum22Thilmere Railway museum23


Thilmere Railway museum25

Beautifully restored engine originally built by The Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd. Leeds in 1913.

Thilmere Railway museum26

I managed to spend most of the day poring over some awesome steam engines, diesels, and rolling stock including two of the massive Beyer-Garrets articulated Locomotives. Nancy as usual raced around and was waiting impatiently for me by the time I was halfway through. This museum was dedicated to the New South Wales railway system and is a recent addition to the museum scene. With about 3 km of covered track there was room for lots of interesting exhibits as well as a roundhouse where extensive rebuilds and restoration of engines and rolling stock is taking place. Several of the steam and diesel locomotive are in running condition and more being worked on all the time.

Nancy: This is what turned me off – miles and miles of trains …..  but Dave was salivating.


Here’s something that intrigued me:


Also this mock-up of a mail delivery van:P1150372P1150373P1150375

Now for a few artistic pics (she said immodestly):



And a monster to top it all off… The Beyer-GarretP1150392

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