195. Nowra: The Fleet Air Arm Museum

We made a special trip down the mountain to visit the RAN’s Fleet Air Arm Museum outside Nowra. Quite a way outside in fact, we were beginning to wonder if we were on the right road.  Warning: Lots of aeroplane photos ahead!


Here are some of Dave’s photos of the aircraft at the Museum.  Fairey Gannet

FAA Museum01Sea VenomFAA Museum02 Skyhawk TA-4G  Once owned by the RNZAFFAA Museum03 Skyhawk A-4GFAA Museum04 Grumman Tracker Anti-submarineFAA Museum05 Fairey FireflyFAA Museum06 Hawker Sea Fury    (One of my favourite Aeroplanes).FAA Museum07 Oh the Irony!!FAA Museum08(Nancy:) The difference between the following two aircraft carriers was amazing. HMAS Sydney III (1948-1956) served during the Korean War. HMAS Melbourne II (c.1956-1967) was the last aircraft carrier to be in service. In 1964 she was involved in a tragic collision with HMAS Voyager II near Jervis Bay, in which 82 Voyager sailors lost their lives.



There were several early aircraft instruments matching the ones I have at home, originally used by my first husband’s father, Squadron Leader Bill Hoffmann, in WW2.


After the Nowra museum we drove around the coast towards Kiama, stopping at several small beaches and headlands ……


….. and visited the Kingsford Smith memorial at Gerringong. Unfortunately the view towards New Zealand was completely obscured by trees. Seven Mile beach was however visible. It must have been a very exciting time in January 1933.



Approaching Kiama, we investigated Bass Point where a large tanker ran aground in 1943. Nearby is the remains of a ship-loading facility. There was a quarry nearby so perhaps that is what it was for.


We were heading for the famed Kiama Blowhole, but when it became obvious it would take literally hours to get close, park the Jeep and then fight our way through the tourist hordes, we gave up.

That evening we met friends for dinner at Jamberoo, then returned to Westy via a different but no less steep and twisty route up the mountain. Through Bowral yet again; the autumn colours are a delight.P1150205

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