145. Winton & the Walkabout Hotel

We camped for the night at a free camp just off the road to the Dinosaur Museum (this photo was mistakenly included in the Longreach blog) ….



…. then next morning paid a visit to what remains of the Banjo Patterson Museum in Winton. Part of it was destroyed by fire in early 2016, but sufficient was saved and much more material has since been donated, so it is once again an interesting if somewhat smaller museum. The staff were wonderful and cheerfully recharged my camera battery while I wandered around, camera-less (all photos are by Dave, some at my instigation).


Winton Museum01

Winton Museum05

The 4X4 Jeffery Quad:

Winton Museum02Winton Museum03Winton&cloncurry06Winton&cloncurry07

We were still travelling with John and Leanne.  Soon after leaving Winton we noticed an unusual shifting dark shape in the sky – then two dark shapes – then the penny dropped, it was a huge flock or flocks of birds. They were much too far away to get any good photos but I tried anyway!



The country was changing again, after all the flat and father bare landscape there were some butte formations but we were past the best before I realised.


We didn’t stop at the rather famous Blue Heeler pub…..


….. but continued on through featureless country until we came to our planned night stop – the Walkabout Creek Hotel at McKinlay, made famous by the Crocodile Dundee movie.



IMG_0111It was sold a few years back and almost all the memorabilia were auctioned off, so now it is just a slightly seedy country pub which however served very good pizza (that night only, we were lucky) with very cold and welcome drinks, and also provided a good camping area with excellent showers for a very low camping fee.



Road trains thundered past until well into dusk. Rosellas were everywhere. An attempt was being made to prettify a small residential area. McKinlay had ATMOSPHERE.






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