131. A brief Postcard ….

I am seriously behind with this Blog. So just to let people know where we are … camped in the Warrumbungles National Park near Coonabarabran. It’s dusk and there are kangaroos hopping around everywhere. We are the only caravan in the camp although there are several camping groups with tents, BBQs etc … making me feel both privileged and very old (!).

We had not planned to come here but I realised we were going to skirt the Warrumbungles anyway, so simply had to come closer. I’m so very glad we did. I was last here in about 1962 on a walking trip with a group of people from Armidale, and  I still remember the awesomeness of the place.

Here’s the Warrumbungles from a distance, and from the road after entering the Park. More anon.


We are heading for Port Macquarie to visit my brother in a nursing home. Then we head north again.

1 thought on “131. A brief Postcard ….

  1. Hope it’s not as cold there as here in Melbourne! I’m returning to the tropics of Christchurch tomorrow night. Travel safe you two.

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