117. We’re off!

So here we are holed up in the Sudima Hotel a few hundred metres from Christchurch airport, all ready for an early start – make that a before-crack-of-dawn-start – we have to check-in by 4.10 am. As Dave says – Bleurrrrgh!

T5 is safely bedded down together with the ute at Swannanoa, the homesit where we enjoyed last Christmas. All tanks emptied out, the grey and black tanks in particular having being flushed several times with a high pressure hose. The fridge is turned off and the door safely propped open (some people may remember what happened one time about a year ago when the fridge door managed to shut itself and we were greeted with quite a colourful sight on arrival back after a month …).

Penny the foxie is reportedly very happy with her foster family in Taumarunui, where she is proving herself adept at ratting. She is also reportedly still trying out her ‘look’ that says “But of course i am allowed on the bed…” but it only worked the first night.

We fly to Melbourne where we will stay with a friend of Dave’s for a few days while we check out a number of motorhomes and buses that Dave has lined up. Wish us luck that we can find something that suits and within our price range. We are not taking anything with us apart from clothes and the GPSr so I rather hope the motorhome or whatever will be “furnished” …. otherwise, the Melbourne Sallies and  Vinnes will profit.

The plan is to tour Australia’s eastern area – coastal and inland –  for six months then return to Christchurch, move back into our home (currently rented out), retrieve our cats (currently fostered) and Penny (currently ditto). Like many other plans, this may well change with time.





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