(Updated to December 2016).

We are a retired couple who have spent several years touring New Zealand with a 24 ft Jayco caravan and recently have been touring Australia with a similiar but older Jayco. We returned to NZ in Oct. 2016 and will resume the Australian sojourn in about March 2017 for a few more months.

Dave was a water resources technician with NIWA (NZ) and Nancy was a medical research biochemist who worked on various research projects at the University of Queensland.


Penny the miniature fox terrier accompanied us on our NZ travels, but our two obstreperous (and much missed) Burmese cats stayed safe with a wonderful foster family in Christchurch. Penny enjoyed being a NZ farm dog while we were in Australia; we missed her.

P1090583Cats on the condo

We both have cochlear implants, enjoy photography, and have a penchant for exploring out of the way places.


Part of this webpage is devoted to Nancy’s family history. You are welcome to read the stories, but please do not copy or reproduce any story or part of a story or any photographs without the author’s permission.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I used to look and read your travel logs postings and loved the photography, but haven’t since before Easter 2014. Are the old blog entries transferred to this site so I can see all the wonderful places and experiences you’ve been to./had…? JinPx

  2. Live the Tai Chi on the golf course!!

    Hi there, I haven’t meet Nancy yet but I’m Dave’s Great Neice.

    Wonderful photos and commentary. Enjoy.


    • Thanks, Ang. Actually we may have met briefly about 5 yrs ago at Bev and Bruce’s special wedding anniversary lunch in Tauranga; we were with Alison and John and Eleanor.

  3. Hi, I have some data you do not appear to have about Fanny Millne, married to Richard Francis Macloskey. Her brother George William Millne was an Evangelical missionary at my town, in Spain. If you wish, we can share information. My mail is gagomarcos@yahoo.es

  4. Hi, My mother was Jane Reid and her great grandfather was Walter Woodhams Whiteman Reid. He was born 26/11/1821 in a house named Wellfield in Lanark. He married a lady named Mary Leney from St.Thomas, Lewes, Sussex in 18/06/1851 and died around 15/03/1898 at Landsdown Terrace, Glasgow. He was the 8th child of the family and he had 8 children – one also named Walter. I am confused as to your wife’s relative who has exactly the same name.

  5. I enjoyed reading about F. Hoffmann of Belfast. I was born in Belfast and moved to US in 1980.
    I googled F. Hoffmann tonight as I was intrigued by my hairbrush which was my fathers. It is a work of art and is marked “F. Hoffmann, Belfast”. The article also mentions Rutgers, Hairdressers – that is where I used to get my hair cut. We (my brother, Gilbert & I) loved going there because they had rocking horses that we could ride. I also recall the smell of the bay rum hair tonic that they used.

  6. Hi! Regarding the dolphin crest on the spoons…the only similar one I know of with a trident is this STONE family crest… https://www.myfamilysilver.com/pages/crestfinder-crest.aspx?id=182314

    It’s hard for me to tell from your pics, but I think the “trident” might actually be an arrow, with the top part being the feathered end. If so it could be this SERGISON family crest…

    Don’t be too concerned about the arrow pointing upwards in that pic, as Fairbairn’s “example pics” are often not exactly the same as the actual crest. It’s more important that the description matches what the actual crest looks like.

  7. Oh! Thank you – close examination of the spoons confirms it is an arrow, not a trident. I have never heard of the Sergison family but will certainly do some investigating. Thanks again 🙂

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